Finding balance

Finding balance  


Jeremy R
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10/09/2019 7:24 pm  

I can't say I'm struggling too much but I'm definitely having to take some extra time trying to find a good happy balance for me now that I'm home. I miss everyone from Ranier. I never realized just how much I enjoy spending time with other people before, and now that I'm back in my world it's difficult not to have people around me that I've grown to care about and enjoyed the support of, and enjoyed supporting really, over the course of my stay.

I'll never forget my time there. I can't remember a time in my life that I've ever been happier. I know it may be strange for some, but somehow that place felt good to me. We had a really good community of people all dealing with their own things, and yet we managed to come together and be strong for each other, and fun for each other. We got what we needed from each other and I'll always remember that.

Thank you all that knew me during that time and took part in that part of my life. I was glad to be a part of yours as well. Better tomorrows ahead for all of us, and big hugs all around.