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10/09/2019 7:29 pm  

Hi I'm Jeremy,

I spent time at Ranier for the first week of September this year (2019). Pretty much everyone I met was amazing, thank you all for being so awesome.

I made up this site so people could connect, and because people seemed to appreciate the thoughts I shared and I thought maybe they would appreciate a place where they could continue to get that.  It's in me to share and express these thoughts, feelings, writings, and so forth... so it's good for me too to create a forum for myself to do so.

I'm a software developer in my day job, most people know that but for those that don't, well there you go. This site is more or less a hobby of mine. It would be cool if people took interest. If you don't know me, I'm very kind and honest and understanding. I hope you can feel safe here.

Best to everyone


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