Healing our Broken Selves (2019)

Life is hard. And it breaks you, repeatedly, mercilessly.

This is true for all of us. What sets people apart from each other is what we choose to gather from the rubble and keep as part of ourselves.

So each time you are broken and crushed beneath tragedy, tears, and indifference… when you find your strength begin to return, however long after that may be, don’t forget to gather the best parts of you, even if you blame them for whatever happened.

Always keep the best of yourself, the kindness, the good, the caring. No matter how much it hurts, please, have the courage to keep those things. You are not alone in this world with the scarred heart you wear as others might wear a shield – for you know, as others like us do, that you may break, and you may be beaten, but you will always find a way to heal, and recover, and stand stronger than you did before.

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