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Frequently asked Questions

Q. What is your deposit and cancellation policy?

A. A deposit of 50% is required at reservation with a major credit card, 50% will then be charged on your arrival and the credit card is kept on file in the unlikely event of excessive cleaning or loss.

Should you need to cancel we will try to replace the reservation and refund you whatever we can recover by rerenting, minus a 20% handling fee.

Q. Do you take pets? My dog/cat is very small and well behaved, can you make an exception?

A. No, we suggest a pet motel.

Q. I love the look and design of these spaces, are any of them for sale?

A. Not at this time. However, we can refer you to the Architectural Designer and the General Contractor that took them from start to finish. Click here to inquire.

Q. I know you say no smokers, but what if I smoke outside?

A. That is fine as long as you are 20 feet from the building and you put the cigarette waste in a proper ash tray.

Q. What about parking?

A. There is space for 1 or 2 cars per unit. Oversize vehicles and visitors park roadside.

Q. Do you have a hot tub?

A. There is no central hot tub. Each unit has its own caste iron bath tub and shower.

Call us at (505) 316 - 2000 We are here to help you!