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Casa Estrella

Casa Estrella Outside

Casa Estrella is our expansive 1100 sq. ft. two story home with fabulous details and a large balcony. Located on the lower half of the property, Casa Estrella includes a full kitchen with a triple sink and dining area with everything you need. On the top floor there is a full bathroom with an antique cast iron tub and a queen size bed on each floor.

The open floor plan of this home is a beaufiful example of the East meets West trend in architecture popular in Santa Fe. Enjoy our amazing views from the second story balcony. Marblized floors and a hand carved sink make your surroundings a delight for the senses, and like all our rentals this home was designed to let in extra light via the eight front windows. and glass patio doors. Casa Estrella sleeps up to four people.


Both Casa Estrella and Casa Del Sol include free wireless internet, access to full laundry facilities and a manager on the property for your safety and convenience.

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Call us at (505) 316 - 2000 We are here to help you!